"Free Exchange" Option

You have used all traffic, but a bunch of unused minutes have remained? What are you to do?

Everything is simple: you can EXCHANGE them!

Dial *245#

Manage your tariff

Manage your tariff

The month is not over yet, but the gigabytes are?

Exchange minutes to gigabytes for free!

200 minutes = 1GB of the Internet

How to order the option

How to order the option

The option is available for the subscribers of the tariff plan "Absolute Freedom". If at least 200 minutes left on your balance:

✔ dial *245#

✔ use application "My lifecell"

✔ use self-service "My lifecell"

The validity term of received gigabytes is equivalent to the validity term of paid 4-week bundle of services.


0 800 20 5433
Free from fixed and mobile numbers within Ukraine
from lifecell numbers

Choose type of your business

Up to 75 employees


More than 75 employees