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Balance and refill

How can I check the balance?

To check the balance of the account, please, dial *111# and press the call-button.

To check the balance of the service packet, please, dial *121# and press the call-button.

How can I refill other subscriber's account?

Using a scratch card from your phone:

To refill the account of the other subscriber using the scratch card, please, dial the following combination: *111*1*<scratch-card code>*<number of the subscriber in the format 380X3XXXXXXX># and press the call-button. Or call at 111 and follow the tips.

Other methods:

  • via the point-of-sale terminal (herewith it is necessary to indicate the number of the other subscriber.
  • using the payment card Visa, Visa Electron and Master Card via the ATM or the immediately refill with no fee charged online or by calling at free numbers 4012 or 5433 (it is necessary to select the 6 part of the menu «Payment using a bank card»).
What should I do if the scratch card code has been damaged?

If while erasing the protective coating of scratch card you accidentally erased the number of code to replenish this card, please, contact one of the Subscriber support centers in your city, take a defective card, passport or other ID document and your account will be refilled to the face value of the card.

If you can clearly read 13 of the 14 digits of a code, you can replenish your account by selecting the numbers erased, you have 10 attempts to enter code.

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How can I check the bonus account balance?

To check the bonus account balance, dial *111# and push the call-button.

Where can I find the details about account transactions?

To control the expenses and to manage services we developed the self-service system «My lifecell», and mobile app «My lifecell» for Iphone and Android. Having become the user of «My lifecell», you’ll obtain a free access to any functions and information such as:

  • report of expenses for the calls and services made during a month (total for each expenses line)
  • review of the balance and the services under the tariff plan
  • change of the tariff plan
  • connection and disconnection of the additional services for chip SMS, Internet, international calls, etc
  • call forwarding and restrictions to specify the number
  • management of the advertising and information notices from lifecell
How can I check the paid services connected to my number?

To check the paid services connected to your number, dial *112# and push the call-button. Using the menu you can find out:

  • a list of the active services and the service to be paid for
  • the cost of the services, validity period and prolongation date
  • including to disconnect services you do not want to use further.
How can I control the balance of my friends and relavives?

Use the free service "Balance Control" to be able to learn about low account balance of your family and to replenish their account timely. After the service is connected you’ll receive SMS each time the balance on the main and the bonus account of the subscriber makes less than 5 UAH an less than 1 UAH.

To connect dial the combination:

*123*31*380Х3ХХХХХХХ# and push the call-button, where 380Х3ХХХХХХХ is the number of the other subscriber whose balance you want to check.

Then the other subscriber receives SMS with the details of the service and the instructions how to confirm or decline the request to check the balance. To connect service the subscriber must confirm the request during 3 hours.

To check the numbers you control or whom you provided the access to control the balance of your account, call *123*32#.

To disconnect the service or to delete one of the numbers you control, call *123*32#.

You can connect maximum 5 other subscribers whose balances you want to control.

You can find detailed information about the service here.

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How can I check the credit balance?

To check the available credit balance, please, call *111#. To check the amount used and due amount, please, call *111*111#

How can I send the “Call me back” request?

«Call be back» service can be used if necessary to call and there are no sufficient funds on the account and you have no possibility to refill it. Using this service you can ask the other subscriber to call you back. You can do that using one of the following means:

  • dial *123*3*380ХХХХХХХХХ# and push the call-button, where 380ХХХХХХХХХ is the number of the subscriber you want to send SMS with the request to call you back.
  • Send SMS with 3[spacebar]380ХХХХХХХХХ at 123.
  • call *123#, choose «Na zviazku» category, then «Peredzvony meni» and specify the number of the subscriber you want to send the request to call your back in the format 380ХХХХХХХХХ.
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How can I refill the account with no fee charged?

You can refill the account with no fee charged for any amount starting with 5 UAH using Visa or MasterCard as follows:

  • online via the secured system at lifecell website
  • at 4012 or 5433 (free of charge) (select the 6 part of the menu «Payment using a bank card»)

Further details of the refill with no fee charges you can obtain here.

Ways of account refilling


You can refill your lifecell account by cash the following ways:

  • to buy a scratch card or refill voucher at a point-of-purchase
  • via ATM machines and in bank outlet
  • via affiliate network of payment kiosk machines
  • at exclusive lifecell stores


You can refill your account without additional charges for a chosen sum of money starting from 1 UAH with the help of Visa or MasterCard plastic card the following ways:

  • Online via secure system at lifecell website
  • At free number 4012 or 5433 (choose the 6th point in Menu «Pay by card»)


You can make a payment via bank transfer to lifecell bank account, indicated below:

  • Raiffeisen Bank Aval (MFO–380805): No. 26004518994
What is bonus account?

Each subscriber has two accounts: their main account which tallies the money deposited by the subscriber to pay off the services cost and a bonus account, which automatically accrues all the bonuses.

1 bonus gives the right to obtain services with the total cost of 1 UAH for the money paid by the subscriber. Bonuses may be used according to the terms of the use for the bones account.

Individual subscribers may use bonuses to pay for:

  • a services package according to the tariff plan;
  • calls within lifecell network, calls to the numbers of other mobile and fixed-line operators in Ukraine;
  • SMS, MMS;
  • mobile Internet;
  • the cost of switching to another tariff plan;
  • other services.

To pay for the above mentioned services, primarily, bonuses are used from the bonus account (if any), while bonuses with a shorter validity period are used first. After using all the bonuses, the main account is used to pay for the services.

Bonuses cannot be used to pay for:

  • roaming services;
  • international call;
  • mobile payments;
  • "Balance Transfer" services;
  • content services;
  • “SMS to landline” service.

The validity term of the bonuses may vary and depends on the conditions of accrual of such bonuses (according to promos, tariff plans, etc.). A subscriber can check the quantity of bonuses using the combination *111#. Moreover, may check the quantity of bonuses and their validity term in the application My lifecell.

The validity of bonuses starts from the moment of their accrual. Bonuses that have not been used during their validity term are annulled.

Accrual and presence of 1 bonus on the subscriber's bonus account means the emergence and existence of this subscriber's right to receive mobile services according to the tariffs at which the subscriber is serviced, in the amount of 1 UAH. Whereas, the services provided to the subscriber using bonuses are paid by the subscriber with the money deposited on the subscriber's main account and for which the relevant amount of bonuses were accrued on the subscriber's bonus account and which cannot be returned.

Bonuses accrued on the subscriber's bonus account are under no circumstances money in the direct meaning under the valid laws of Ukraine. In case of termination (cancellation of obligations) of the contract on provision of telecommunication services concluded both in written and oral form (acquisition by the subscriber of the initial package and replenishment cards for the account), bonuses are annulled and shall not be returned to the subscriber in the form of money under any circumstances.

The operator reserves the right to change the terms of use for the bonus account. The operator reserves the right to suspend the accrual of bonuses/write off bonuses/cancel the bonus account unilaterally without the consent of the subscriber in case of violation of the legislation of Ukraine by such subscriber.

What should I do if I have entered the wrong phone number during refilling?

If while refilling the account or using the service “Balance transfer” you entered the wrong telephone number or the wrong contract number and the money was credited to the number of the other subscriber, we’ll do our best to return money to the correct account. Thus it is necessary:

  1. To call to the lifecell call-center at 5433 for the immediate suspension. If the whole amount is still at the account of the wrong subscriber, it will be blocked and cannot be spent until it is transferred to the correct number.
  2. Then go to the lifecell service center or in web-chat/BiP/Social networks to the lifecell contact-centre with the ID document and payment receipt (it may be a receipt in case of replenishment through payment terminals, ATM or online services Portmone, Privat Bank etc., scratch-card) and fill the application to transfer funds. After processing the application the funds will be transferred to the correct number, and you will receive SMS-notification about it.

Please, consider that the repayment is not possible in the following cases:

  • there is no payment document to confirm the refill,
  • the wrong number differ from the correct number in more than 1-2 numbers. However the funds can be repaid if the number pairs were entered in incorrect order (for example, 34-23 instead of 23-34),
  • the funds are totally used by the other subscriber. If the funds were used partially a balance available at the moment of the transaction executed by the lifecell employee will be transferred to your account,
  • the account was refilled for less than 10 UAH.

If the funds were incorrectly transferred within “Balance transfer” service, we can transfer them to the correct account. For this, you should:/p>

  1. call to the call-center at 5433 from you phone
  2. indicate the date, transfer amount and number of the subscriber who you want to transfer funds to
  3. if the funds have not been fully spent by the other subscriber, they will be transferred to the correct number to the bonus account according to “Balance transfer” service.
Why do I fail to use “DODATKOVI HROSHCHI” (“ADDITIONAL FUNDS”) service?

"Dodatkovi Hroshchi" service is provided within the following obligatory conditions. Please, check if your number corresponds to them:

  • the number is maintained within lifecell network during more than 90 days
  • the account was refilled for 80 UAH and more during the last 60 days.
How can I order additional funds with "Dodatkovi hroshi” service?

If you have no money on your account and have no possibility to refill it you can obtain the additional 20-350 UAH under "Dodatkovi Hroshchi" service. This money can be used to pay for any lifecell services. To order the service, call *117*1#. Using the "Dodatkovi hroshchi" service you can additionally receive 20 - 350 UAH automatically each time you do not have sufficient money on your account having repaid it during the next refilling if you used such money.

The payment for the service makes from 5,00 UAH (with VAT and pension fee) and is deducted together with the funds used immediately after the next refilling.

Що відбувається у разі непогашення заборгованості за отримані телекомунікаційні послуги?

У разі непогашення заборгованості за отримані телекомунікаційні послуги, ТОВ «лайфселл» залишає за собою право вжити заходів до її стягнення, зокрема, звернувшись до спеціалізованих агентств зі стягнення заборгованості. У цьому випадку наявні у оператора персональні дані абонента-боржника будуть передані таким спеціалізованим агентствам виключно з метою стягнення заборгованості. ТОВ «лайфселл» сподівається на розуміння та пропонує своєчасно сплачувати наявну заборгованість.

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How to check and refill the account balance in roaming?

To check remaining (minutes, megabytes) and order the additional services in roaming, dial *108#. The request is free.

To verify the account balance, dial *111# 1.png and press the call button (free of charge).

You can always top up the account balance with your Visa, Visa Electron and Master Card via the Internet as follows:

  • At lifecell website in «Refill» section (without fee!)
  • Via Мy lifecell mobile app, which we recommend you to install before leaving. It is available for phones based on iOS and Android.


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