Direct number

A service that allows you to receive incoming calls to an additional fixed-line number assigned to your GSM number.


  • Your direct number of fixed-line is always with you
  • Your customers pay only for local calls
  • Possibility of free redirection

The "Direct number" service ceases to be provided in case of transferring the subscriber number to which all incoming calls were forwarded from direct numbers to the network of another operator, provider. In this case, the last day of the "Direct Number" service is the last day of receiving telecommunication services by the telephone number to which all incoming calls from direct numbers were forwarded.

Fee for activating a direct number (one-time)

A pair of numbers (direct fixed-line number and GSM number) 50
Direct fixed-line number 50
"Golden" fixed-line number 100
Using a direct number (unlimited redirected calls)
Direct number service without limits 25 UAH / 30 days

Tariffs are given in UAH including VAT.


If you don’t activate “Direct Number without Limits” service you will pay UAH 0.25 per minute for a forwarded call from direct city number to GSM number. The “Direct Number without Limits” service is subject to activation once per month. After the payment is made, all calls forwarded from a direct city number to a GSM number will be free of charge for you. Cost of an incoming call to a direct city number using the “Direct number without Limits” service is included in the “Direct number without Limits” service activation fee.

You can activate the service on any day of the month. Respectively, the service will be available for a period of one month after the date of activation, for example, from May 29 till June 29. In the following month the “Direct Number without Limits” service will be activated automatically. In the case that the required sum for activation of the service is not available, UAH 0.25 per minute tariff will be applied until the payment is made.

A per-second billing applied.Tariffs are quoted in UAH including the VAT. Pension fee amounting 7.5% of GSM telecommunication services value is additionally withheld.

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What are the options for activating a direct number?

Direct fixed-line number can be obtained by one of the following methods (or / or):

  • buy a couple of numbers. In this case, the direct fixed-line number will fully match the GSM number (except for the network code);
  • purchase a direct fixed-line number, while retaining the existing GSM-number. In this case, the direct fixed-line number will not match the existing GSM number;
  • purchase a "golden" direct fixed-line number, while retaining the existing GSM number. In this case, the direct fixed-line number will consist of a special sequence of digits, which is easily remembered, for example: 044 520-0-520
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Where can I get more detailed information about the direct number?

You will get more details at exclusive lifecell shops and Customer Service Centers.

You could also fill in the application form and one of our sales representatives will contact you.

0 800 20 5433 — free from Fixed Lines or 5433 from within lifecell network (free of charge)

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