Joint FMC Network

Join communications of all your offices, mobile and fixed phones of employees in a one corporate network with a intenal short numbering

Unite the office network
Unification of office communications with different locations into a single telephone network

Short numbers
Short numbers for calls from employees' mobile and fixed numbers

Equipment integration
Construction of a new phone network without removing current equipment

Smart features
Smart calls processing (recording, answers quality control, statistics reports) and flexible GSM line forwarding

Cost efficiency
Calls between employees for only 0,01 UAH/min

2200 UAH/ month
How to subscribe

Tariff plans Joint FMC Network mobile* Joint FMC Network VoIP*
FMC mobile 50 FMC mobile 100 FMC VoIP 20 FMC VoIP 50 FMC VoIP 100
Connection fee, cost 1000 100
Lines, quantity 50 100 20 50 100
Monthly fee, UAH 1500 2500 700 1500 2500
Monthly bundled minutes, included in monthly fee 3000 6000 1200 3000 6000
Monthly fee for extra line 35 30 70 35 30

* VAT and PF are including in tariffs in UAH. You can get service «Joined network FMC» only if you connect to both tariff plans «FMC mobile» and «FMC VoIP».

You can find out more information and order the service by sending an application for connection from or by calling the contact-center, 0 800 20 5433 (free of charge from stationary and mobile phones in Ukraine), 5433 (free from mobile in life networks) or at the points of sale of life

LLC “lifecell” reserves the right to set and change tariffs (tariff plans) for its services in accordance with the Law “About Telecommunications” as of November 18, 2003 № 1280-IV, to change the list of Services of such kind, as well as change the terms and conditions for them; change the period of Campaigns, prematurely terminate, stop their validation period unilaterally in accordance with conditions and procedures of providing the LLC “lifecell” telecommunication services


0 800 20 2222
Free from fixed and mobile numbers within Ukraine
from lifecell numbers

Choose type of your business

Up to 150 employees


More than 150 employees