GSM-gateway (Unified Network)

Optimum office solution for calls in the lifecell network. Combine your office PBX with a GSM gateway and save on calls.


  • Significant reduction in costs for office communication
  • Flexible tariffs for outgoing calls
  • Absolute legality
65 UAH/ month
How to subscribe

Unified Network without equipment
The subscriber pays it every month when depositing to the main account, UAH 15
The part of the subscription fee for the account of which the subscriber can order telecommunication services before the end of the calendar month in which a subscription fee is paid, UAH 50
Calls within a corporate group, UAH min included in monthly fee
Calls to mobile network numbers lifecell, UAH/min 0,2
Calls to numbers of fixed-line networks of Ukraine, UAH/min 0,5
Calls to network numbers of other mobile operators in Ukraine, UAH/min 0,5
International calls, except calls to satellite operators and special international destinations, UAH/min 3,99
Calls to special international destinations, UAH/min 7,99
Connection fee, UAH/connection* 0,1
Connection fee for international calls, UAH/connection 1,88

*Connection fee is charged for forwarded outgoing calls in the following directions:

- to the numbers of networks of other mobile operators of Ukraine

- to the numbers of fixed-line networks of Ukraine

- to the numbers of the lifecell network

- to corporation numbers

Calls to special international destinations are charged at UAH 7.99 per minute.

Tariffication of outgoing and forwarded calls (telecommunication services of voice information transmission) in Ukraine and international calls is per second and is performed in the first second of every minute of telecommunication services. At the expense of the cost of the first second of every minute of the telecommunication service, the following 59 seconds are provided without additional charging.

Tariffs are indicated in UAH including VAT. Additionally, a pension fee of 7.5% is charged on the cost of cellular communication services.

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What are the advantages of "Unified Network"?

Opportunity to make calls between your office lines with public network numbers and numbers of other mobile operators of Ukraine, as well as international calls at attractive tariffs.

Special rates for the calls between your office lines and mobile lines of your lifecellcorporation.

High quality of connection.

How to create "Unified Network"?

To plug-in FCT device to your PBX or organize an usual FCT connection with phone/fax.

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