Cybersecurity is a set of services from lifecell, which are aimed at:

  • implementation of measures to protect systems, networks and software applications from digital attacks;
  • monitoring and prevention of unauthorized leaks of critical information;
  • compliance with the requirements of best practices and international standards in the field of information security (PCI DSS).
  • Attacks on a company's IT infrastructure are usually aimed at the integrity, availability and confidentiality of company information; their implementation can lead to extortion, fraud or disruption of the regular operation of the company and / or its services.
  • Cybersecurity services include:

    • General audit
    • Vulnerability scanning
    • Penetration test
    • Endpoint protection and response solution
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and MDM integration
    • Security Awarness
    • Data Protection for Databases
    • PCI DSS help
    • SIEM monitoring

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    Who provides the Cybersecurity service?

    The service is provided by the employees of the Information Security Department of lifecell. If necessary, lifecell can engage other specialists (exclusively for work within the service.

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    Why do companies need to audit information security?

    IS audit should be carried out to solve the following tasks:

    • assessment of the level of effectiveness of the existing in the company information security tools
    • justification of investments for the development of the company's information security system
    • bringing the current security system in line with international standards, such as PCI-DSS
    • systematization and streamlining of existing information protection measures
    • investigation of incidents related to information security breaches
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    Do I have the opportunity to test this service?

    The conditions for testing the Cybersecurity services are negotiated on an individual basis.

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    What is the cost of the service?

    The final cost will be determined after conducting a preliminary analysis of the current state of the client's systems, calculating the necessary licenses and agreeing on a complete list of tasks.

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