Mobile GPS

Company's administrator via web interface controls the condition and location of all mobile objects with the help of GPS, plans visits, receives reports about visits to planned objects, conducts price monitoring, photo-fixation, surveys etc.

There are 3 main modules available:

Advantages of the module Tracker

  • Monitoring of the state, position, movement
  • Control of the passed route for the selected period

Advantages of the module Agent

  • Schedule visits export from a file; manual insertion on the basis of the previous period with the introduction of adjustments
  • Visual reports from visits
  • Price monitoring and photo fixation
  • Maintenance at all stages of implementation and integration with the customer's internal systems

Advantages of the module Trade

  • Entering the data about the goods: order, balance, prices, shares, special offers
  • Work with receivables
  • Monitoring: entering similar data on competitors' products
  • Maintenance at all stages of implementation and integration with the customer's internal systems

90 UAH/ month
How to subscribe

lifecell service TrackerAgent Trade
Control of one system object (monthly), UAH 90 180 250
Included GPRS package 60 MB 2 GB 4 GB
Internet usage via access point internet internet internet

Tariffs are quoted with all taxes and fees.

questions and answers  

What are the advantages for the administrator?

  • The analysis and reporting on performance of work by agents, visits to outlets are much simplified
  • Full access to data allows accelerating the making of managerial decisions
  • Due to the absence of paper forms, the probability of errors that occurred earlier when entering data is reduced
  • Employees work efficiently, their work is simplified
  • Significant cost savings
  • Increased security level
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What are the advantages for agents?

  • Getting tasks for the current day or for the period
  • Reporting without the need to visit the office
  • The system displays the location of outlets, saves the employee time to form routes and allows him to accomplish more tasks
  • The program at the terminal shows the optimal travel route
  • Convenient receiving of information

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What are the application areas of the Mobile GPS service?

  • Taxi parks and taxi dispatch services;
  • Freight organizations of all types;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Security agencies and government agencies;
  • Supermarkets and various shops;
  • Distribution companies;
  • Construction companies;
  • Municipal and municipal enterprises;
  • Courier and postal services;
  • Car rental agencies;
  • Organizations that sell and repair cars;
  • Banking structures and cash collection services;
  • Emergency response services;
  • Any other organization that owns or rents motor vehicles.

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What are the additional advantages of the Mobile GPS service?

  • Realization of questionnaires, surveys
  • Collection of product balances and comparison with competitor representation
  • Automation of accounting for compensation of funds for public and private transport
  • Inform-chat inside the system with binding to the addresses of the sent messages
  • Setting of individual tasks for employees with control over their implementation

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How it works?

"Mobile GPS" from lifecell is a system (mobile application + web-interface of the administrator) that receives and processes data received with the help of mobile application and transfers them to the central server of the partner of the operator through the transport network using the GPRS channel.

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What are the system requirements for the terminal?

  • Android operating system
  • Built-in GPS or Bluetooth GPS
  • Recommended software - Skyriver GPS for Android

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Recommendations for the company administrator

The administrator gets access to the web-interface from any workplace. We recommend using web browsers Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Opera not lower than version 11.5.

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Where does it work?

The service "Mobile GPS" from lifecell operates throughout Ukraine.

Please draw your attention to the fact that while you are in roaming with Skyriver GPS for Android enabled, you pay the cost of the transmitted data according to roaming tariffs of foreign operators

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