M2M Manager

Modern management and control tools for M2M lines allow flexible reaction for changes and ensure optimal decision making

The tasks that will help solve the "M2M Manager":

  • Automation of your institution / enterprise / business
  • Financial control and spending limits
  • Analytics and online reporting
  • Online diagnostics (ping)
  • Management of access points / IP addresses
  • Detailed information on M2M lines (status, position, balances, model and ID of the equipment, etc.)
0.01 UAH/ month
How to subscribe

Mandatory monthly payment for a line with activated service 0,01

Tariffs include all taxes and fees.

Обов’язковий щомісячний платіж для лінії з активованою Послугою 0,01

Тарифи наведено з урахуванням усіх податків та зборів.

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How to activate the service "M2M Manager"?

To use the service, you must register in the self-service system in accordance with the Terms of Use of the "My lifecell" System https://my.lifecell.com.ua/en/. Prior to the use of the Service, the M2M lines selected by the Administrator must be marked. Marking and connection Services can be performed in the self-service system by the Administrator independently (or authorized representatives of the Operator).

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