Fleet Monitoring

Optimization of expenses for auto park up-keep, reducing fuel and maintenance expenses, non-purpose vehicle use cut-off


The main advantages of the service:

  • Fuel economy
  • Reduction of fleet maintenance costs up to 40%
  • Improving the planning of routes, excluding fraud
  • Minimizing delays in time and improving customers feedback and satisfaction
  • Improving the performance of drivers
  • Vehicle mileage management
  • Payback period of the monitoring system from 3 to 6 months
140 UAH/ month
How to subscribe

Tariff plan name Cost / month Cost of equipment Amount of traffic that included in the package  The number of SMS in lifecell network that included in the package
Orienteer 2 Plus 140 UAH from 2800 UAH* 100 MB 200

*Depending on the customer's need for additional functional options.

Tariffs include all taxes and fees.

questions and answers  

What tasks will this service help to solve?
  • Control the location of cars;
  • Generate detailed reports on drivers, cars, orders moving, etc., speed, stopping;
  • Obtain information about:

  • - Opening the doors, turning on the ignition;
    - Parameters of the engine and other car systems;
    - Information about the intervention, access, touch, fuel volume, etc.
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Can I use Fleet Monitoring for my business?

This service is suitable for any business in any area to manage any type of vehicle, regardless of whether it is one car or a whole fleet of vehicles.

Fleet Monitoring service allows obtaining more valuable information for business management. It's not just a tracking service, it's a way of doing better business, thanks to which your actions will be more effective.

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What are the advantages of Fleet Monitoring?

Fleet Monitoring of moving objects from lifecell is an advanced functional resource for your business, as well as a strategic product that can make your actions more efficient.

You can achieve fuel savings by improving the route planning, minimizing time delays, seeing the driver's efficiency, controlling the vehicle's mileage, providing operational efficiency, and improving customer feedback and satisfaction - all thanks to the one service.

This service provides high accuracy in tracking the location of vehicles and their delegation in order to increase profitability and business efficiency, which will contribute to greater customer loyalty to the services that you provide.

Productivity: The service increases the productivity of your vehicles and the efficiency of employees.

Efficiency: You can schedule a service call or delivery for nearby vehicles, and immediately add the necessary new stops.

Flexibility: Thanks to the high-quality functions, the service is ideal for use in fleets of any size and in any areas, such as transportation, delivery, construction, and others.

Simplicity: Easy-to-manage web interface, initial training, and service support.


All products are installed and supported by our experienced partner and are provided with a graphical user interface that shows the location of the vehicle on the map, speed and direction of traffic in real time. You can simultaneously watch all your vehicles or choose any number of vehicles to watch them separately. You can also see the route record of any of your vehicles to see the history of the route and how your drivers drive.

Each system is flexibly configured and can be configured to transfer a wide range of data to your vehicles. Here are some of the options offered:*

  • monitoring of the ignition: on/off,
  • monitoring the weight of the vehicle's cargo,
  • tracking the temperature of the refrigerating chamber of the van,
  • possibility to see the status of doors: open/closed,
  • the ability to install the SOS button in the car, with which drivers can send an alarm,
  • determination of the coverage area and receipt of an alarm signal, when the vehicle enters or leaves this zone,
  • possibility to send voice and SMS messages.

Some settings options may not be available to all Fleet Monitoring products. For more information, please contact the representatives of lifecell.

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How does it work?

All Fleet Monitoring products are GPS based applications. This application suse numerous satellites moving along the Earth's orbit to find the location of your vehicles with an accuracy of 5 meters. The received information is broadcasted to your user interface via the GSM network.

All you need, besides lifecell's Fleet Monitoring service, is a computer and an active Internet connection.

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Where does it work?

The car locating service operates throughout Ukraine, where lifecell coverage exists, as well as in other countries where there is coverage of our roaming partners.

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