Mobile Telemetry

Smart and balanced tariffs for operative and distant telemetric SIM cards monitoring in diverse devices - sensors, signalling systems, cash payment recorders, POS terminals, and other devices

Advantages for business:

  • Fast and efficient automation of objects without the need for physical connection
  • Byte-by-byte charging
  • Managing M2M cards through a self-service interface
  • Statistics by character and amount of traffic (peak loads, statistics by sessions)

Technical advantages:

  • Private access points, dynamic/static IP addresses, public IP addresses
  • The construction of VPN tunnels of various configurations (NAT, GRE, IPsec, L3VPN)
  • Online monitoring and logging of M2M-cards
  • 24/7 support
from 15 UAH/ month
How to subscribe

Tariff line 4G IoT (Internet of Things)
Service 4G IoT 15 4G IoT 20 4G IoT 40 4G IoT 60 4G IoT 90 4G IoT 120
Monthly package fee, UAH 15 20 40 60 90 120
Estimated cost, UAH/day* 0,50 0,67 1,33 2,00 3,00 4,00
Packet minutes for voice, data and fax transmission (CSD) in the lifecell network 19 50 100 300 600 1000
4G + Internet in package within Ukraine, MB 19 200 1000 3000 6000 10000
SMS in package within Ukraine 19 50 100 300 600 700

Tariffs over the package of services
Calls in the lifecell network, UAH/min 0,20
SMS within Ukraine, UAH 0,40
Internet in Ukraine 0,50
CSD data transmission to lifecell numbers, per minute 0,20
Calls, call forwarding, CSD data transmission to numbers of other mobile operators and fixed-line numbers in Ukraine, per minute 0,50
Unit for charging calls, data and faxes (CSD) to lifecell numbers and other operators in Ukraine 1 sec
Unit for charging Internet 10 Kb

Additional 4G + Internet packages
4G + Internet Package Amount of traffic Price Activate
5 GB 4G business 5 GB 35 UAH *141*15#
10 GB 4G business 10 GB 60 UAH
15 GB 4G business 15 GB 79 UAH
20 GB 4G business 20 GB 99 UAH


Calls (regardless of zone / country of stay), per minute

100 UAH

100 UAH

100 UAH

Internet (regardless of zone / country of residence), per MB

200 UAH

200 UAH

200 UAH

SMS (regardless of the zone / country of stay), by SMS

25 UAH

25 UAH

25 UAH

* Estimated cost per day of service package is the approximate cost calculated for 1 day of service package by dividing the cost of such service package by the average monthly number of calendar days (30) and rounded up to kopecks. The estimated cost per day is provided for informational purposes only with the aim to allow consumers to match the cost of different service packages and cannot be paid separately; payment of the service package cost can only be made in full.


Full onditions of Additional 3G+ Internet bundles usage

Services are available for all corporate lifecell subscribers.
The term of each of the services: until the end of the calendar month. The fee is charged in full regardless of the day of activation.
Each first of the month the service is automatically renewed until the end of the month if there is sufficient funds in the account. If the first of the month the funds for payment on the account is not enough, the service expects to replenish the account within 30 days. If the replenishment has not occurred, the service is deactivated and subsequent access to the Internet occurs at standard tariffs.
If the amount of data that is provided within one of the services is used before the end of the service, you can receive additional data by reconnecting the service.
The amount of data that is provided within the services can be used only within Ukraine.
To check the balance and the balance of the amount of services, call *111# and *121#.
The amount of data transmitted and received during the reception and transmission session is rounded up to an accuracy of 200 KB.
Internet service (packet MB) is provided on 3G technology with 3G coverage in the corresponding territory, technical properties of the phone and corresponding settings. If you do not meet at least one of the conditions of the service, the Internet will be provided using EDGE technology (2G network).

questions and answers  

What is M2M?

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) is the general name of technologies that allow the equipment to exchange information among themselves or to transmit it unilaterally

What is IoT?

IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of networks consisting of uniquely identified objects ("things") that can interact with each other without interference from a person through an IP connection.

Where is it applied?

Areas of application where M2M/IoT is most commonly used:

  • Banks and payment systems
  • Security and firefighting services
  • System integrators
  • Providers of transport monitoring solutions, smart parking
  • Carriers (public, commercial, private transport), taxi services, delivery services
  • Providers of electricity, housing and communal services, water utilities, elevator firms
  • Medicine, emergency and response services
  • Agrarian sector (point fertilization, GPS control of equipment and fuel use)
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What tasks does it solve?

  • Automation of enterprises
  • Remote object monitoring, remote object management
  • Online monitoring of parameters
  • Receiving reports, notifications

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