Reserved SIM

«Reserved SIM» is a spare SIM-card in addition to the main, which can be activated remotely at any time of the day when the main SIM was damaged or lost.

50 UAH

How to use

1. Visit any lifecell shop* or contact lifecell corporate sales representatives.

2. Pay the cost of SIM-card — 50 UAH with VAT.

*if you need to quickly find the closest lifecell shop, call 545 and you'll receive a list of the closest shops (call is provided for free to all lifecell subscribers).

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How much does the «Reserved SIM» cost?

Subscriber pays only one-time cost of the "Reserved SIM» at the purchase moment – 50 UAH, further activation is free for subscriber.

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Where can you buy the «Reserved SIM»?

Any new subscriber (at the moment of purchase the starter pack) or existing subscriber can buy «Reserved SIM» in any lifecell shop or lifecell corporate sales representatives.

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How to use the «Reserved SIM»?

The subscriber no longer depends on lifecell shops’ schedule when he needs an urgent «SIM change». He can buy «Reserved SIM» in advance and use it remotely the most necessary moment. To activate the «Reserved SIM» subscriber needs only to use My lifecell (web). Or if it’s needed to visit the nearest lifecell shop. At the activation moment «Reserved SIM» becomes the main SIM, the previous lost or damaged SIM is deactivated.

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