"Mobile protection" service

As long as your phone is with you, you don't think about what might happen if it falls into the wrong hands. And you should think about it even now! If your phone falls into the hands of scammers, you'll lose not just your phone, but access to your social network accounts and payment systems, which will allow them to spread false information and use your funds. We recommend you to protect your phone in advance not to give scammers a single chance to get your personal data and money!


About the service

The Protect mobile service allows you not only to quickly track and find your lost phone, but also to protect your personal data. Moreover, if your phone number is successfully found, we will return it to you as soon as possible without using your personal data by a person who found the phone. The service is completely confidential. Learn more about the service here.

Main advantages

• remote blocking;

• determining the smartphone's geolocation;

• siren sound activation and remote photo capture;

• deletion of all files, including other data (if necessary);

• a reward is paid to the person who found your phone;

• your phone will be returned to you by a courier for free;

monetary compensation is paid after 14 days of search.

How to connect it

• On the website www.protect.lifecell.com.ua

• By downloading the app http://bit.ly/30aLgUl

• By dialing *691#

• By sending an SMS with the text "1" ("2" or "3", the number depends on the selected subscription) to the number 6911.

• By calling to the call center at number 6911 (free of charge from lifecell number).

How do I find out if scammers have my phone?

• You can't find your phone, and when you try to call your number, there is no call connection;

• There is suspicious activity from your social network accounts, which you do not know about;

• You received an e-mail with a single-use password to confirm account changes, but you did not make any changes in it.

We hope that your phone will always be with you and will never fall into the hands of scammers!


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