You are out of reach, on the lecture, or in a movie theater and cannot answer the call? Did not answer on time or your line is busy? Use the "Voice Mail" service not to miss a single call in case when you cannot accept them!

The service will answer the call instead of you, and suggest the caller to leave a message, save it, and then inform you of a new message by SMS. You will be able to listen to the messages left at the time convenient to you.


Tariffs are quoted including VAT. Additionally the 7.5% pension tax is taken in the cost of mobile cellular services.

How to use

The service does not require activation or complex settings. For all lifecell subscribers “Voice Mail” is on when the subscriber is out of reach or the phone is switched off. You can also select additional conditions under which the "Voice Mail" will be on, for example, when your line is busy or you did not answer the call on time. For this, divert the calls to number 5100 according to selected conditions, using your phone manual or the following codes:

**67*5100# - when the line is busy
**61*5100# - when you did not answer the call on time
**62*5100# - when you are out of reach or the phone is off
**21*5100# - diversion of all calls
##002# - when you want to cancel the diversion.


Service cost

The fee for calls to service numbers (to listen to messages, change the hello message, settings etc.) 5000, 5010, 0635000111, 380635000111, 0635010111, 380635010111 within Ukraine shall not be charged.

No fee for the call diversion to "Voice Mail" shall be charged.

No fee for receiving a SMS on the new voice messages and missed calls shall be charged.

For lifecell subscriber leaving the message, the fee for the call to lifecell subscriber shall be charged according to its plan.


While you are in roaming, the calls to +380635000111, +380635010111 for listening to the messages and calls diverted to "Voice Mail" shall be charged as outbound calls to Ukraine according to tariffs of the carrier in whose network you are serviced.

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Receipt and saving of messages

The "Voice Mail" will notify you on the receipt of new voice messages by SMS. If no message is left, you will also receive a message with the number of the caller. The subscriber who will leave the message will also be informed that you listened to the message.

Every new message is saved for 2 days during which you can listen to it. You can control the message: press 1 to listen to it again, press 2 to move to the next message, press 3 to find out the number of the caller while listening. Note that the maximum length of the message which can be left for you is 30 seconds.

Listening to messages

From your mobile - call 5000.

From any other phone within Ukraine - call 063 5000111, enter your phone number in the format 3806XXXXXXXX, then enter SuperPassword and press #.

While in roaming, call +380 63 5000111, enter your phone number in the format 3806XXXXXXXX, then SuperPassword and press #.

"Voice Mail" hello message

Note, that the caller will be pleased to hear the hello message recorded with your voice. To record your own hello message, call your "Voice Mail" to number 5000, choose "Hello Message" menu and record your hello message. If your own hello message is not recorded, the default "Voice Mail" hello message will be played.


To protect your messages from listening by strangers, you can use a SuperPassword. SuperPassword is your personal password to connect, disconnect and manage the lifecell services.

To enable SuperPassword, call your "Voice Mail" by number 5000 and select "Settings" menu.

Changing the "Voice Mail" language

You can use one of three languages: Ukrainian, Russian or English. To change the language of your "Voice Mail", call 5000 and choose "Settings".

Who can use the service?

The service is available for all lifecell subscribers.



0 800 20 5433
Free from fixed and mobile numbers within Ukraine
from lifecell numbers

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