Inactive SIM reusability

You have an inactive SIM card and want to start using it again? With "SIM-card reactivation" service, you always have an opportunity to provide new lease on life for your SIM card!

100 UAH

Tariffs are quoted in UAH including VAT and duty to PF.

How to use

For this, you should:

1. Have an an undamaged SIM card, the validity term of which has not expired yet;

2. Visit lifecell store or call 5433 (free from lifecell numbers) or 0 800 20 5433 (free from mobile and fixed numbers on the territory of Ukraine) and provide the information concerning SIM card serial and phone numbers*;

3. After SIM card restoration, refill the account with 100 UAH in order to pay for the service. In case there is less than 100 UAH on your account, the number will be deactivated in 3 days.

* The serial number can be found on SIM card holder or directly on the SIM card.

** In case the previous number is not available, another randomly chosen number will be installed to the SIM card.


0 800 20 5433
Free from fixed and mobile numbers within Ukraine
from lifecell numbers

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Up to 75 employees


More than 75 employees