Badoo top up from Mobile

Badoo - is online dating service that helps to find your soul mate. And Badoo credits top up is an option that allows you to meet people without any limits. Buy Badoo credits from your mobile and raise your profile, appear in Dating more often and send special gifts to your partner.

Meet people without any limits on

How to use

1) Go to, register and click on the "Add credits" button in your personal profile

2) Choose the number of Credits you want to purchase

3) Next, click on the "Phone" button on the left side of the screen

4) Select the lifecell operator and enter the phone number from which the payment will be made. Click OK

5) In the field "Enter PIN" enter the PIN code from the message received on your mobile phone

6) Congratulations, you have topped up your Badoo account from your mobile!


Funds from the subscriber's main account are used to pay for Badoo credits.

The service is available to lifecell subscribers who are served on individual tariff plans on the terms of an oral and written agreement.

The "Badoo top up from Mobile" service is provided by returning to the consumer by telecommunications operator unused funds for prepaid telecommunications services, the consumer has not received, using financial services in accordance with the requirements of the legislation on payment systems and funds transfer.

For subscribers of lifecell LLC (No. 428 in the register of operators and telecommunications providers), a refund request by a subscriber in accordance with a standard low contract of service related to the transfer funds, and on the conditions for receiving refund instructions (recipient LLC lifecell, FC ABEKOR LLC) and the service provision agreement (lifecell LLC, FC ABEKOR LLC); as well as using financial services by lifecell LLC on the transfer funds, is carried out by lifecell LLC on account of return of unused funds for telecommunications services to subscribers and tax refund of compulsory state pension insurance under the contract for the provision of financial services for the transfer funds (lifecell LLC, FC ABECOR LLC - NBU license No. 28 of 06/22/2015).


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