Tariff Plan "Lifehack 2019"

Migration to the tariff plan is closed.

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Tariffs are quoted in UAH including VAT and duty to PF.

Please be informed that from September 22, 2022 your tariff Lifehack Plus will be closed. You will be serviced under the terms of more appropriate tariff Lifehack Platinum. 4-week service package includes

  • 40 gigabytes plus all gigabytes used in the previous 4-week service package;
  • unlimited calls to lifecell;
  • 600 minutes to other numbers within Ukraine;
  • unlimited Facebook traffic, Instagram and Twitter;
  • 600 SMS to all the mobile numbers within Ukraine.

The 4-week service package costs 300 hryven,

The 1-day service package costs 20 hryven.

All accumulated volumes of the Internet in the previous period will be saved.

Your chance to avoid changes! Fix the current price for 6 or 12 service packages within your tariff with up to 15% discount with the Tariff subscription service. Please call *490#.

Through October 31, 2022 you can change the tariff for another one which is available for activation for free. Services paid in the previous tariff are kept according to its validity period.

Service package/4 weeks

Lifehack Plus


30 GB+

+1 GB for every 30 min of outgoing calls from BiP Out,
if service package for 4 weeks is paid

Calls to lifecell numbers


Calls to other numbers, min

300+ 503

SMS within Ukraine

300+ 503

lifebox cloud storage

50 GB

Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)


% cashback for communication services


Price, UAH


Estimated cost, UAH/day*


Price in case of ordering a 4-week service package before its expiry, UAH


Useful USSD codes

Tariff subscription service activation and control menu


Reorder of the service package/4 weeks


Control menu of daily service package


BiP Messenger lifebox
Cloud Storage
My lifecell

Lifecell subscribers can use the above applications without paying for traffic. Download from the App Store and Google Play (download is charged according to the terms of the tariff plan).

* Estimated cost per day of service package is the approximate cost calculated for 1 day of service package by dividing the cost of such service package by the period of its validity (number of days) and rounded up to kopecks. The estimated cost per day is provided for informational purposes only with the aim to allow consumers to match the cost of different service packages and cannot be paid separately; payment of the service package cost can only be made in full.

Use lifecell's lifehacks to the full extent!

1. Internet

2To the Internet traffic indicated in the table the additional volume, which was used in the previous 4-week service package, is added.


  • If in the first 4-week service package within Lifehack 2019 tariff, you use 15GB of the Internet traffic, you will get 35GB in the next 4-week service package (15GB you’ve used in the previous service package and plus 20GB within your current service package).
  • After that, if you use all 35GB, you will get 55GB in the next 4-week service package (35GB you’ve used in the previous service package and plus 20GB within your current service package).

Data about Internet traffic volume, used in the previous 4-week service package within line of Lifehack 2019 tariffs, is fixed and kept during 7 days. I.e. if from the moment of the last 4-week service package expiry more than 7 days passed, in the next 4-week service package 20GB for Lifehack 2019 service package will be provided or 30GB for Lifehack Plus service package.

3. Ordering a next service package before expiration of the current one

3If a subscriber order a next 4-week service package Lifehack 2019 or Lifehack Plus before expiration of the current one, additional 30 min or 50 min for calls to other numbers within Ukraine and 30 SMS or 50 SMS within Ukraine (according to the service package) will be provided.

4. Download BiP and talk with no limits!

Call to any mobile numbers within Ukraine. Talk, write, send files even if there are no funds on your account.

5. Services with free Internet traffic 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as Facebook Messenger can be used without limits, provided that you pay the cost of a 4-week services package. Use only official apps for tablets and smartphones, mobile or web versions of social networking sites. Download from the App Store and Google Play (downloading is charged according to the terms of the tariff plan).

6. Download My lifecell app and get gifts within Shake&Win promo!

Get the access to the general number information. Manage your tariff, additional services or other functions easily. Download My lifecell app.

7. Daily package of services

If there are not enough funds on the account to pay for a 4-weeks service package, a daily service package will be charged daily automatically, subject to a sufficient amount in the account. Otherwise, standard charging applies.

A daily service package

Lifehack Plus

Calls to lifecell numbers


Internet, MB


Calls to other numbers within Ukraine, min


Price, UAH/day


Control menu



Standard charging

Standard charging applies if:

  • 4-week service package or a daily service package is not paid;
  • services not included in the packages for 4 weeks or 1 day are used;
  • the volume of separate service within 4-week service package or 1-day service package is out before its expiry.

Internet (MB are provided till the end of the day)

Available balance on account ≥ 10 UAH

500 МB / 10 UAH

Available balance on account

250 МB / 5 UAH

In case 30 UAH were paid during the day

unlim 2.5G

Voice services

Calls to lifecell numbers and numbers of other Ukrainian operators, UAH


Messaging Services

SMS to numbers of Ukrainian operators, UAH

100 SMS at 3 UAH per day of usage2

International calls

Tariffs in roaming

1If there is a sum on your account more than 2 kopecks, but it is not enough to pay for a minute of outgoing and/or diverted call at a standard cost, the subscriber will be accrued the number of seconds corresponding to the remainder of funds on the account (based on the cost of 1 second=0.016666 UAH).

2The package of 100 SMS is prided, which is valid till end of day (by Kyiv time). Starting from 101st SMS during the day, the price is 1 UAH per SMS.

“4.5G” means LTE-Advanced Pro standard. If case of 4.5G network coverage absence, the Internet access is provided at the speed of 3G+ or EDGE.

The tariff plan with abovementioned terms is valid throughout the whole territory of Ukraine. Providing of telecommunication services on the temporarily occupied territories and territories, where the governmental authorities temporarily or do not have full powers, can be limited or impossible due to the circumstances, which are beyond the operator's influence and control.

This tariff plan is launched on 21.09.2018. The minimum tariff plan duration is 7 days from the date of its activation.

Redirected calls are charged based on a tariff of outcoming call depending on the direction. For redirected calls to lifecell numbers additional fee is charged – 0,21 UAH per call.

The tariff plan conditions are valid as of 13.10.2021.

LLC "lifecell" reserves the right to set and change tariffs (tariff plans) for its services in accordance with the Law “About Telecommunications”, to change the list of the services of such kind, as well as change the terms and conditions for them; change the period of Campaigns, prematurely terminate, stop their validation period unilaterally in accordance with conditions and procedures of providing the LLC "lifecell" telecommunication services.

Детальні умови тарифікації, мінімальний строк та додаткові умови надання послуг, що стосуються цього тарифного плану.

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