BOMB Tariff Plan

Migration to the tariff plan is closed.

  • Save up to 15% with Tariff subscription service
  • 20 GB and +1 GB for every 30 min of outgoing minutes via BiP app with BiP Out option
  • 1000 min for 30-days for calls to all numbers within Ukraine from mobile phone
  • Unlimited usage of social networks and messengers

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Tariffs are quoted in UAH including VAT and duty to PF.


BOMB with PREMIUM service

Internet, GB

20 GB+ 1 GB1 for every 30 outgoing minutes via BiP app with BiP Out option

Calls to all numbers within Ukraine from mobile, min


Calls to lifecell via BiP Out


Calls to other numbers within Ukraine via BiP Out, min


BiP in roaming, MB


Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)


Messengers (Viber, Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal)



Bomba Basic4

Bomba Premium5


50 GB in cloud4

500 GB in cloud5

The price, UAH/30 days



Estimated cost, UAH/day*



Useful USSD codes

Tariff subscription service activation and control menu


Reorder of the service package/30 days


Control menu of daily service package


*Estimated cost per day

Estimated cost per day of service package is the approximate cost calculated for 1 day of service package by dividing the cost of such service package by the period of its validity (number of days) and rounded up to kopecks. The estimated cost per day is provided for informational purposes only with the aim to allow consumers to match the cost of different service packages and cannot be paid separately; payment of the service package cost can only be made in full.

1Additional GB

Start using the BiP Messenger! You'll benefit from it! For each 30 minutes of calls through BiP Out, you'll get 1 GB of Internet. The additional GB is valid for 4 weeks.

2Calls from BiP

3000 min / month means 100 minutes per 1 day. 3000 min: 100 min x 30 days. After using within one day of 100 minutes of calls made from the BiP application through the BiP Out function, all subsequent calls from the BiP application through the BiP Out function during that day are made at the expense of 1000 minutes provided for incoming mobile calls to the 30-day package of services of the tariff plan "BOMB".

3BiP in roaming

100 MB BiP in roaming are provided with charging 30-day bundle of services for this tariff plan. For more details click here.

4Basic Subscriptions

All Basic Subscriptions (Bomba Basic, lifebox 50 GB) are provided for FREE only if you pay a 30-day service package.

5«PREMIUM» service

The PREMIUM service is available for subscription only to subscribers who are serviced on the terms of the "BOMB" tariff plan. The cost of the service with all taxes and fees is 25 UAH / 30 days. After ordering the service, the next cost of the 30-day package will be 200 UAH. When ordering the PREMIUM service, the subscriber will be able to activate the following subscriptions: lifebox 500 GB, Bomba Premium. To disconnect the service, enter the combination *112#. After disconnecting the PREMIUM service and expiration of the paid 30-day service package, all premium subscriptions will be disconnected, after which the subscriber must independently connect the basic subscriptions in accordance with the terms of the "BOMB" tariff plan.

A daily service package

If there are not enough funds on the account to pay for a 30-days service package, a daily service package will be charged daily automatically, subject to a sufficient amount in the account. Otherwise, standard charging applies.

A daily service package

Internet, МB


Calls to all numbers within Ukraine (including lifecell), min


Cost, UAH


Control menu


Reorder of service package before current tariff period expiry

If you used the volume of services within your tariff plan, you can reorder the next service package without waiting for the current package expiry. Order: *700#. The validity period of the service package ordered ahead of schedule is not added to the validity period of the current package, but starts from the date of the order.


If the 30-day service package is not paid, the following tariffs are applied:

1If there is a sum on your account more than 2 kopecks, but it is not enough to pay for a minute of outgoing and/or diverted call at a standard cost, the subscriber will be accrued the number of seconds corresponding to the remainder of funds on the account (based on the cost of 1 second=0.021 UAH).

2The package of 10 SMS is provided, which is valid till end of day (by Kyiv time). Since 11 SMS per day, every SMS will cost 1,25 UAH.

The tariffs are valid within Ukraine. Providing telecommunication services on temporarily occupied territories and territories beyond the control can be limited or impossible due to the circumstance beyond mobile operator's influence and control.

Redirected calls are charged based on a tariff of outcoming call depending on the direction. For redirected calls to lifecell numbers additional fee is charged – 0,50 UAH per call.

The tariff plan with abovementioned terms is valid within the Ukraine.

Providing of telecommunication services on the temporarily occupied territories and territories, where the governmental authorities temporarily or do not have full powers, can be limited or impossible due to the circumstances, which are beyond the operator's influence and control.

This tariff plan is launched on 01.06.2018. The minimum tariff plan duration is 7 days from the date of its activation. The tariff plan terms are valid as of 28.09.2022.

By activatinga lifecell SIM card, the subscriber confirms that she/he reads and agrees to the Terms and Procedure of Telecommunication Services Provided by lifecell LLC, how to use the chosen tariff plan, has gotten all the required, available and reliable information about telecommunications services, their quantity, quality, range, as well as their provider (seller).

lifecell LLC reserves its right to suspend providing of bonuses/to cancel the bonus account unilaterally without the consent of the user when such user violates the laws of Ukraine.

Детальні умови тарифікації, мінімальний строк та додаткові умови надання послуг, що стосуються цього тарифного плану.

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