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With Digital Store, you can buy any phone number you wish or a random lifecell number as Universal starter package with 150 bonuses on bonus account.

Additionally, you can top up your account with “0%” commission and change your old SIM card to 4.5G SIM card, if you didn’t replace yet.

How to use

lifecell rewards your choice on Digital Store!

Until 31.12.2019 inclusive any users, who purchases SIM cards in Digital Store till 01.01.2020 are getting 20GB which are valid for 90 days of usage

Until 31.12.2019 inclusive users who choose Number Choice, getting 50% cash back on bonus account. Bonuses are accrued for 90 days.

Until 31.12.2019 inclusive users who replace their old SIM cards to 4.5G SIM cards in Digital store are receiving 50 bonus for 30 days (which afford to get services equal to 50 UAH) and 5GB valid for 90 days usage right.

lifecell Digital Stores are available in various locations in Kyiv. Please click the link to see their locations as list.

How to use Digital Store?

1. Choose "Top up", enter your phone number and the amount of money you want to refill. You can complete your account refill with “0” commission from lifecell Digital Store.

2. Choose “Number Choice”, enter the number digits on exact order you want to have as your 7-digit lifecell number, search and choose for best number combination and buy the one you like most! Your number is printed on your receipt. You can additionally record it.

3. If you want to buy favorable Universal starter package, you can buy with economical number price with a randomly chosen number from lifecell for you. And your number is printed on your receipt. You can additionally record it.

4. If you still didn’t change your old SIM card for being able to use 4.5G services from lifecell, choose “4.5G SIM Change” from menu enter your existing phone number, receive and confirm SMS code and get your new 4.5G SIM from Digital Store!


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