I am at home MeloRing Promo

Install free* I'm at home! MeloRing on your phone that everyone who calls you knows: now you just need to be at home, and everything will be fine.

We have recorded 2 versions of MeloRing. Choose the most suitable for you.

Attention! Promo is prolonged till 03.06.2020.



To order, send an SMS to the number 5050 with the code 45 (if you selected a female voice) or 75 (if your choice is a male voice).

To listen to I'm at home! MeloRing follow the link.


*"Free" means that MeloRing service with "I’m at home!" promo voice file is provided at the expense of payment for the basic service package of subscriber’s current tariff plan.

The promo is available for subscribers, who are serviced under the conditions of individual and contract tariff plans.

The promo with the specified conditions is valid from 08.04.2020 till 03.06.2020 (inclusive) throughout Ukraine, with the exception of temporarily occupied and uncontrolled territories.

The service is provided within 30 days from the date of ordering the melody.

To deactivate the melody, you must send an SMS with the text "off", "vykl" or "vymk" to the number 5050.

When switching to other tariff plans, the service will remain active.

The terms of service are given as of 08.04.2020.

The operator reserves the right to set and change tariffs (tariff plans) for its services in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Telecommunications", to change the list of the services of such kind, as well as change the terms and conditions of promotions, prematurely terminate, stop their validation period unilaterally etc., in accordance with terms and procedures for the provision of telecommunication services of LLC lifecell.

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