Root for FC "Dynamo Kiev" with lifeсell

Beginning on August 2, 2017, all subscribers of "lifecell" LLC who "signed" to the public of FC "Dynamo Kyiv" in the section "Publics" the instant messenger (mobile application) BiP, and who, on the day of the official match with the participation of FC Dynamo Kiev, will post in the public their forecast of the account, with which the match will end, after the completion of such a match of FC "Dynamo Kiev" will receive 1 GB of Internet for each goal, which was scored by the FC Dynamo Kyiv team to the opponent's goal and an additional 3 GB of Internet for the victory in the match (hereinafter referred to as "action Internet traffic"). The volume of promotional Internet traffic for each individual match is summed up and charged automatically the next business day after the match.

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  • The promotion is valid from 02.08.2017 until 31.08.2020.
  • All lifecell subscribers can subscribe to the Promotion, who have subscribed to the public account of FC "Dynamo Kiev" in the "Publics" section of the BiP instant messenger.
  • For every goal scored by FC Dynamo Kyiv, 1 GB of Internet is credited to the opponent's gate, as well as for the victory of FC Dynamo Kiev in the match an additional 3 GB of Internet is additionally charged. Gigabytes are added up and accrued on the next business day after the match. Charging gigabytes of Internet is carried out in the account of the subsequent payment for services.
  • The validity period of the accrued promotional Internet traffic is 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of accrual. This amount of Internet traffic has the highest priority and is used in the first place.
  • The volume of promotional traffic is not used during its validity period, it will be automatically canceled.
  • About accrual of promotional traffic, subscribers will be informed by means of text messages (SMS).
  • In case the lifecell subscriber "unsubscribed" from the public account of FC "Dynamo Kyiv" in the BiP messenger, such subscriber loses the right to receive promotional traffic on the terms of this promotion in the future.
  • Promotional traffic for each match is charged only to those subscribers who were "signed" for the "Dynamo Kyiv" public "in the section" Open "the Messenger BiP and sent to the public the predicted score of the match on the day of the match, by the time of its start.
  • The predicted score of the match must be sent in the format X: X or X-X (projections sent in any other format will not be taken into account).
  • By sending a prediction score to the match in the club "Dynamo Kiev" in the "Open" section of the messenger (mobile application), the subscriber gives his consent to participate in this promotion and familiarity with its conditions.


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