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Do you want to win 70 000 UAH? Then Subscribe to "CATCH LUCK" CAMPAIGN from the 1st of June 2022 to the 31st of May 2023.


Participate in the campaign: top-up your mobile phone account for UAH 30 or UAH 80 or answer quiz questions and win up to 3000 UAH daily or 70 000 UAH monthly.

The cost of subscription to the Campaign Quiz: UAH 4,50 per day

4.50 UAH/ day

1. Top-up the account for UAH 30 or UAH 80 and get 100 or 200 points

2. Send GO or any SMS to the short number 846

3. Dial USSD order *846#

4. By subscribing to the Campaign Quiz, you will receive 100 points as a gift every day

5. In response you will receive a message confirming the subscription to the Quiz and the first question with the answer variants

6. Choose correct answers to the questions, send them to number 846 and get 20 points for each correct answer

7. The participant who receives the most points during the day/month campaign will be declared as the winner!

To become a participant of the Campaign you can top-up your mobile phone account for UAH 30 minimum or subscribe for the Campaign quiz by sending "GO" or any SMS to the short number 846.

More information:

Service is provided by LLC «MOBILE CONSULTING GROUP»

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