BiP Messenger

BiP is a messenger with which you can:

  • call to BiP
  • calls to all mobile numbers in Ukraine
  • instantly exchange documents, photo, video, audio, and text messages

For subscribers lifecell traffic is not charged!

Download BiP application and get 5 GB of Internet for 7 days.

How to use

BiP messenger is available for use on iOS and Android-based devices. To download it, click on the link under the operating system of your device:

The app is available for iOS 7.0 and later devices, and Android 4.1 and later.

The BiP messenger is available for subscribers of all mobile operators in Ukraine.


  • Voice and video calls: make free voice and video calls in high quality.
  • Chat: exchange instant messages with friends, even with those who do not yet use BiP! Send a free SMS from BiP to your friend's mobile number to get him to communicate via BiP. Free SMS can be sent to any number lifecell.
  • Group Chat: You can create groups and chat with several friends in one chat.
  • Secret chat: thanks to this function, messages will be automatically deleted from the chat at the time you specified.
  • Memes: You can create your own memes, just select a photo from the gallery or make a new photo and add the desired text.
  • Location: You can send your location to a buddy or a group. You can also allow your location to be viewed online using the "Follow Me" option.

To subscribers of lifecell, special conditions are provided for using the BiP messenger in roaming!

You can use the unique service "Free BiP in roaming" in over 70 countries. Click here here for details.



This is a unique application functionality, which allows making calls directly from BiP messenger through the "BiP out call" function, even numbers where BiP is not installed. When making such a call, either bundle minutes or money from your mobile account are used, depending on the conditions of your tariff plan. For an outgoing call, you need to install the application and register with lifecell number, then select a contact or enter a number for making a call, and press "BiP out call". To make a call, you need to be connected to the Internet (mobile Internet or Wi-Fi network).


The function of incoming calls to the BiP messenger from all numbers is free and works even in roaming.

For receiving incoming calls to the messenger, you should SWITCH ON this feature:

1. Open the messenger on the Profile tab.

2. Select the "Settings" section.

3. Go to "Call setup" and enable the "Accept calls via BiP."

The incoming call through the BiP allows you significantly decrise your expances in roaming, you can use BiP for free with the service "Free BiP in Roaming" in 70 countries of the world or use Wi-Fi to receive an incoming call.

NB! When calling via the “BiP out call” function or receiving an incoming call to BiP using another Internet access provider other than lifecell, the cost of Internet traffic consumed can be additionally charged by the Internet access provider.


When the BiP application is installed for the first time, lifecell subscribers receive 5GB of Internet for 7 (seven) days.

Attention! This activity does not apply to the BiP Virtual Number tariff plans: Calls Home and Virtual Number.


This is a special platform for BiP messenger users, which will open your enjoyment and exciting games.

To start playing, go to the "Games" section of the BiP application.

Please note! The traffic billing in the "Games" section is in accordance with the conditions of your tariff plan.

BiP SOS-package

We have created BiP SOS-package to give you a great possibility to call even with zero on your account. Get 100 minutes per a day for calls via BiP messenger to all numbers in Ukraine.


If you dial somebody’s number and hear: “There is not enough money for making a call”, don’t waste a second and dial *911#. You will be granted 100 minutes for calls to all numbers within Ukraine via BiP messenger for free*.


Dial *911#1.png.

Press 1, if you are proposed to activate the service during your call.


Install BiP application on your smartphone, because 100 minutes is accrued only for calls via BiP. Download it on Google Play or App Store.

Use BiP Out call function to call within Ukraine even to that numbers, on which BiP has not been installed.


1) Open BiP messenger.

2) Press 1.png on lower board of messenger, dial a number, press the icon 1.png and choose «ВiP Out call».

Have a nice communication!


100 min for free* are accrued at the period to the end of current day, when it was ordered.

For example, if you have ordered BiP SOS-package today at 5.00, 100 minutes will be valid till 23.59 of this day. If you have ordered BiP SOS-package at 23.50, 100 minutes will be valid till 23.59 of this day.

You can order BiP SOS-package no more than 3 times a month. Note, 2nd order per month is available after top up your main account for any amount after 1st order and 3rd order is available after top up your account for any amount after 2nd order respectively. 100 minutes with the BiP SOS-package service can be obtained1 time within a day.

100 minutes are provided only for calls made on the territory of Ukraine via BiP Out call function.

To make calls via BiP Out call function you need the Internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi).

When you call via BiP Out call function, BiP Out minutes are used firstly on the terms of the BiP SOS-package service regardless of the conditions of the tariff plan.

500 MB are additionally provided for downloading BiP messenger and making calls via BiP Out call as a part of the BiP SOS-package service.

The service is available for order by subscribers on their individuals whether prepaid or contract tariff plans, except for Gadget Smart, Gadget Tablet, Gadget Router and Gadget Router Plus tariff plans.

The service with above-mentioned terms is valid throughout Ukraine. The provision of services in the temporarily occupied and uncontrolled territories of Ukraine may be limited or impossible due to circumstances that are beyond the influence and control of the operator.

The service terms are valid as of 09.10.2019.

* “Free” means that the service is provided for a fee of 0.01 UAH including all taxes.

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