Changes in the conditions for the provision of tariffs and services

Changes in some terms of the tariff plan “Calls to all” for the prepaid subscribers 08 May 2018

lifecell LLC that provides the services of mobile communication under the trademark “lifecell” informs that on May 17, 2018 some terms of the tariff plan “Calls to all” will be changed for the prepaid subscribers. Namely:

1. The tariff plan “Calls to all” will be renamed to “Calls to all 2017”.

2. New and existing subscribers won’t be able to connect to the tariff plan “Calls to all 2017”

3. Service terms are changed.

If a 30-day service package is not paid, a subscriber is provided with a following service package:

Service package for 2 days

Calls to lifecell


Price, UAH/2 days

10, 00

If there is less than 10 UAH on the account, a subscriber is provided with a service package, which price is equal to the available balance on the account and is allowed to provide minutes for calls to lifecell numbers in number calculated as 1 minute per 1 kopiyky, available on the subscriber’s account. This service package is valid for 2 days (the day of providing + the next day till 23:59).

Providing of the abovementioned service package is available once during 60 days from the date of the last payment for a 30-day service package. Otherwise, services will be provided at the basic tariffs.

The subscribers of the tariff plan “Calls to all 2017” are enabled till May 24, 2018 incl. to switch to another available tariff plan of LLL “lifecell” at no extra charge.

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