Changes in the conditions for the provision of tariffs and services

lifecell is changing the terms of some tariff plans 07 October 2020

Lifecell LLC, which provides mobile (mobile) communication services under the lifecell trademark, announces that on November 4, 2020 there will be changes in the conditions of some tariff plans:

1. For tariffs "HyPe", "Lifehack 2020", "Lifehack 2019", Tenner, 4 Unlims, Smart L, Self Made, Practical, Lifehack Contract, Absolute Freedom M, Subsidy, Special, Gadget Smart, Gadget Tablet, Gadget Router, Crazy Year, Giga Mining new terms of service packages will begin to operate, in particular, their cost will be changed. In the "Gadget Smart" tariff, the content of the service package will be additionally changed.

2. All inclusive Ultra 79, All inclusive L, Zachotnyy S, Zachotnyy M tariff plans are closed. Further servicing of subscribers will be continued on the terms of new tariffs that correspond to the maximum profile of their consumption. From November 4, 2020, subscribers will be notified by SMS about the start of their service on the terms of new tariff plans.

From 20.10.2020 until 15.12.2020 (inclusive), subscribers of the tariff plans listed above are entitled to change the tariff for free to any other one that is available for subscription.

Detailed information on changes will be sent in SMS-notifications, posted to number 5433 (free of charge in lifecell network), as well as on the pages of the respective tariff plans in the "Tariffs" and "Tariff Archives" section within the timeframes of legal requirements.

Subscribers can take advantage of new tariff plans with improved conditions. Among them: Simple Life, "Smart Life", Free Life, Platinum Life and tariff plans with service packages that are valid in some regions of Ukraine: Simple Life. Region, Smart Life. Region, Free Life. Region, Platinum Life. Region and Internet BEZMEZH. We remind you about an opportunity to choose by yourself a bundle and the price of a service package in HandMade tariff plan.

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