Pay for you service

It happens that you call to lifecell subscriber on an urgent matter, and in response you hear: ‘There are not enough money at the subscriber’s account to receive a call. You can give him 10 minutes for 30 UAH (or for 50 UAH), which will be valid until the end of the day. If you agree, click 1’.

By pressing 1, you give the opportunity to the person you call to accept your incoming call or call you back till the end of the day Kyiv time at your expense.

How to use

How Pay for you service works

1. By pressing 1, the cost for 10 minutes of outgoing and incoming calls will be charged from your account.

2. The subscriber will get an SMS with a notification that you gave him 10 minutes for outgoing and incoming calls till the end of the current day according to Kyiv time and a request to accept your incoming call or call you back.

In case the subscriber does not pick up the phone, rejects the call or does not call you back till the end of the current day, the funds paid for the 10 minutes are not returned.

The cost of 10 minutes can be 30 UAH or 50 UAH, depending on the tariff of the subscriber you are calling.

You can use the service both in Ukraine and while abroad!

If the subscriber you have given 10 minutes is in roaming, this subscriber will not be charged additionally as a payment for these minutes. If you are in roaming and have given the subscriber 10 minutes, your calls are charged at the basic lifecell roaming tariffs.

Pay for you service is available for all lifecell subscribers.

The tariffs are quoted in UAH including all taxes and fees.

The terms are quoted as of 22.07.2020.


0 800 20 5433
Free from fixed and mobile numbers within Ukraine
from lifecell numbers


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