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Your favorite messengers and social networks are in one service!

Live the full life, chat by messengers, share your emotions, the most interesting photos and videos with your friends on social networks!

Download official applications and enjoy communication

50 UAH/ 4 weeks

Tariffs are quoted in UAH including VAT and duty to PF.

How to use

Instagram Facebook Twitter Viber Telegram Facebook Messenger WhatsApp Skype Signal

Online communication service provides access to the use of social networks and messengers. The amount of Internet traffic is provided according to the Basic or Premium service packages that you choose on your own.

Packages of the service Volume Price Activate / Deactivate
Basic 2 GB3 UAH in case of usage *244#
Premium Unlimited 50 UAH every 4 week

"Online Communication Basic" - internet traffic is used on social networks and messengers within 2 GB per day. 2GB is provided daily, but you will only be charged if you start using any of the online communication applications. The rest of the unused amount of Internet traffic is not transferred to the next day.

"Online Communication Premium" - use all the social networks and messengers whenever you want, without the limit of megabytes. The service fee is charged every 4 weeks.

questions and answers  

Why should you use the official browsers and apps for Social Networks service?

When using official apps and browsers, the internet traffic is guaranteed to be used within the "Online Communication" service.

When downloading or goes to other resources, traffic will be charged in accordance with the terms of your tariff plan.

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Який інтернет-трафік використовується при користуванні офіційними додатками?

Якщо ви підключили пакет послуг «Online спілкування» і користуєтесь офіційними додатками, використовується трафік у межах послуги «Online спілкування». ГБ або МБ, що надаються в пакеті послуг за умовами будь-якого тарифу, використовуватись не будуть.

У разі, якщо в пакеті послуг вашого тарифу передбачений безлімітний трафік на соцмережі, то при користуванні послугою «Online спілкування Basic», плата стягується тільки якщо ви почали користуватися месенджерами (Viber, Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, Signal).

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What traffic will be used when watching videos or listening to the music on Facebook and Instagram?

While you are using Facebook and Instagram apps (viewing other people's stories or ads), traffic is used within “Online communication” service. If you go YouTube link or other resources where videos or music are posted, package MB of your tariff plan or MB of additional Internet services are spent if they are activated.

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