lifecell Kidster service

This service provides unlimited access to educational games and mobile apps for kids aged 3 to 12 on

  • Top content with no restrictions and no internet traffic fee on
  • Strategies, puzzles, races, arcades, etc.
  • The catalogue is updated on a weekly basis.
  • Large catalogue of safe and quality games, educational apps for fun or learning.

Play and use downloaded apps even without Internet access

How to use it

Service activation

Activate the service as you want:

  • Dial *519*1#
  • Send SMS with the text "1" to the short number 519
  • Confirm activation on
    Use the mobile internet to access the website.

Service deactivation

Deactivate the service as you want:

Use the mobile internet to access the website.


Initially, the service is not charged for 7 (seven) days from the date of its first activation.

  • The cost of using the service for the first 7 days is included in the cost of further use of the service.
  • Cost for 7 days - 17 UAH (all taxes and charges included)
  • Cost for 1 day - 3 UAH (all taxes and charges included) In this case, by default, the service is paid for 7 days. If there are not enough funds on the account to pay for the 7-day service, service for 1 day is charged.

Additional information:

lifecell Kidster service subscription is automatically extended every 7 days, 17 UAH for 7 days of using the service is charged from the account.If the amount on the account is not enough, 3 UAH is charged and the service is extended for 1 day.
The cost of the lifecell Kidster service is indicated including all taxes and charges.
No internet traffic fee means that the cost of the internet access service is included in the price of the lifecell Kidster service.If you use the lifecell Kidster service in roaming, the volume of data transmitted is additionally charged according to your tariff.
The service is provided by GAMELOFT LLC. The Owner of is GAMELOFT LLC. Responsible for the content on is GAMELOFT LLC.

0 800 20 5433

Free from fixed and mobile numbers within Ukraine


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