Subscriber Support Number 5433

5433 is lifecell's FREE of charge subscriber support number. Thanks to this number, you can get qualified help from our contact center consultants!

Also, you have the opportunity to independently and conveniently solve the issue by the Voice support menu, which sounds before connecting with a consultant. It contains answers to the most popular customer requests in form of voice prompts.

Thanks to the voice support menu you can listen to information messages, get the necessary settings, change the tariff plan, connect services, etc.

To make the service as easy as possible for you to use, below you can find the map with general information about categories.

How to use

1. Call the 5433 number from the lifecell mobile number (for free).

2. Select the menu item that best fits your question.

3. Get the answer to your request in the required category


1. Information about your number, balance, tariff plan, and phone settings

1. Your tariff plan details.

2. Get automatic settings of the Internet, MMS and other services.

3. "Detail bill" service and other services for checking and controlling the balance.

4. How to see the list of services, which were activated on number.

5. "Balance transfer", "Extra money" service and other services when not enough monry on account.

6. " Auto responder", "Call barring" and other services for call management.

7. Services for account refilling.

2. 3G+ Internet

1. Additional GB (500 MB, 1,2,4 or 8 GB).

2. What is 3G and how to understand how many GB you need.

3. How to connect to 3G and information about internet speed.

3. SMS, international calls and roaming. Entertaining services

1. «Cheap calls» service.

2. SMS and MMS services.

3. Services for cheap calls and SMS abroad.

4. International roaming.

5. Entertainment services: MeloRing, Game Empire and Kids world.

4. Tariff plans

- the list of tariff plans is regularly updated in Support Voice Menu;

- you can choose a tariff plan that operates throughout Ukraine (national) or in certain regions (regional);

- you can swith the tarrif by this menu.

*This "Voice Support Menu" Map made for prepayment subscribers.

5. SIM Card operations or Coverage questions

1. To block SIM card or other SIM operations.

2. Account refill questions.

3. To deactivate SMS advertisement.

4. Difficulties with calls, SMS or MMS.

5. To leave coverage request.

6. Voice refill menu by bank payment card

1. Refill the account.

2. To learn about service.

3. Card registration without payment.

4. To change the registered bank payment card.

8. "Additional money" service


0 800 20 5433
Free from fixed and mobile numbers within Ukraine
from lifecell numbers


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