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New advanced internet
beyond your imagination
It is more than just WiFi.
Empower your home with a breakthrough cloud-based WiFi technology.
Lifecell Smart WiFi, Powered by Plume Home Pass, gives you consistent speeds, reliability, security for each device and member of your family in every corner of your home. Setup takes just minutes, and its user-friendly App allows you to monitor and manage your WiFi network – 24/7.
lifecell Smart WiFi Features
Monitor performance, toggle parental controls and secure your network, all from your phone
Fast, reliable, consistent Internet, everywhere, always, for everyone.
Buffering is a bad dream of the past! HomePass's Adapt service delivers ultra-fast, perfectly consistent connectivity across every room. Unlike other mesh network systems it continuously learns about your internet needs and performs self optimizations Adapt automatically detects the brand and model of your connected devices, allocating capacity to devices that need it most.
You can add extra SuperPods or LifePods depending on size of your home.
Intuitive tools for managing users, devices, and internet access
Parental Controls
Create profiles for family members. Set up age-appropriate content filters.. Additionally, approve or block specific websites per device or profile to keep your family safe.

Internet Freeze
Going offline is sometimes a good habit! You can freeze internet instantly or on a schedule – so whether it is study time, family time, or bedtime you're in control.

Access Controls
Create custom passwords your guests define which devices thet can connect to. Or create internet only WiFi passwords to access internet only.
Safe and Secured devices, no advertisements
Online Protection
Filter out suspicious content as your devices connect to the Internet, with real-time threat protection against crypto-mining, ransomware, malware, viruses, botnets, phishing attacks and more.

Advanced IoT Protection
From TVs to toasters, everything is internet enabled these days. Your connected devices continuously monitored for suspicious activity. If a device behaves strangely it is automatically quarantined, preventing the threat from spreading to the rest of your connected devices.

Ad content coming from known ad servers are blocked, meaning less risk and less annoying pop-ups.
Your devices become motion detectors
The mobile app shows you movement in the vicinity of each connected device or room on your network. Set up alerts to let you know if there's movement when you're out. Don't worry, it can ignore the movement of pets to avoid false alarms. No need to turn it off, the system automatically registers you've arrived when your primary device is home.
Subscribe to lifecell Smart WiFi service
129 UAH/month
99 UAH/month
Get first 3 month with special price
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+2750 UAH for the purchase of SuperPod or +1500 UAH for the purchase of DeskPod
Enjoy seamless experience with userfriendly App
Choose the WiFi Pod that is right for you
Pod is connected directly to internet line or to your existing WiFi router. You can add more pods depending on the size of house with placement tips from app The HomePass® App helps you manage the setup with a few quick taps. Delivers daily reports on your home Wi-Fi signal strength and network activity.
2750 UAH
DeskPod (WF-808)
Dual band
1500 UAH
Get Special Price for first three month subscription!
Preorder lifecell Smart WiFi now!
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What is lifecell Smart WiFi?
lifecell Smart WiFi, Powered by Plume HomePass is a subscription-based service, delivered from the cloud and enabled by beautiful SuperPods or Deskpod and controlled by you with our mobile app. It is designed to improve your WiFi connection, provide online security, control access and devices from one central app, and manage your network easier. You simply plug in the devices, download the Plume app and set up.
What is inlcuded in the monthly fee?
Your 129 uah monthly subscription fee (including all taxes) includes Adapt, Guard, Access and Sense features. It's constantly evolving. Subscription today means access to all future features and additions automatically, at no extra cost. Pods are not included in the subscription fee.
How much does a Pod cost?
SuperPod costs 2450 uah and DeskPod 1550 uah.
Who can use lifecell Smart WiFi?
Anyone can use lifecell Smart WiFi. There is no pre-condition to have lifecell mobile subscription.
What is pre-order?
With pre-order, you have the chance to register yourself in the wait list. When lifecell launches Smart WiFi, you will receive information for service activation and device delivery to your address. No payment or bank card is required for pre-order.
Does lifecell Smart WiFI replace my router?
lifecell smart WiFi system can replace your current router, but is flexible enough to also work with your existing router setup. You need to connect one of our routers (SuperPod or DeskPod) by ethernet to your current router to make it work. If you keep your router, make sure to turn off your old Wi-Fi. Before replacing current router with SuperPod or DeskPod please contact your Internet provider.
What is the difference between SuperPod and DeskPod?
You will receive all service features with both devices. Please see the Pods section for details. You can make combinations of SuperPod and Deskpod and use them togehter.
Who is Plume?
Plume is an American multinational, founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley with the goal of creating the world's first Adaptive Wi-Fi system. Its pioneering technology using artificial intelligence has been adopted by some of the best telecommunications operators in the world, and awarded by international organizations such as the "Broadband Awards" or the "Wi-Fi NOW Awards ". Through the partnership with Plume, lifecell thus introduces this innovation to the Ukrainian market, allowing all its customers to enjoy the best Wi-Fi experience. that is miles ahead of anything else available today.
How many Pods do I need for my home?
Many factors (home square foot, wall material, etc) determine the number of pods YOU may need, but generally:
1-2 bedroom homes: 1 pod
2-3 bedroom homes: 2 pods
3-4 bedroom homes: 3 pods
You can make combinations of SuperPod and Deskpod and use them togehter.
Is it necessary to perform updates to the software in order to maintain the service?
No, the service automatically updates to keep pace with both technology and the needs of your home network.
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