Corporate meloring

The service allows you to set greetings or music fragments instead of the usual ring tones while waiting for an answer to the call.


  • Reporting brand values
  • Additional channel of marketing communication
  • Innovative method of notifying your customers and partners about new products
  • Quick setup of the service

150 UAH/ month
How to subscribe

The cost of activation of the «Corporate Meloring» service for all tariff plans is UAH 250 with VAT and PF.

Monthly fee:

Corporate Meloring Initial Corporate Meloring Light Corporate Meloring Professional
(25-50 lines) (51-100 lines) (over 100 lines)
150 UAH 250 UAH 400 UAH

Tariffs include all taxes and fees.


  • Sound file format - WAVE audio, bitrate 64 Kbit/sec, ITU G.711 A-law, mono 8000 Hz, duration 60 sec
  • This service is provided only to existing lifecell subscribers on the terms of subsequent payment
  • The service is provided only for corporations with more than 25 lines
  • Within the service it is possible to play only one melody in the current month with the possibility of changing the melody no more than once a month
  • Only ring tone can be changed, busy or unavailable tones remain standard
  • For each subscriber, only one Meloring is played, if the second call comes at the same time, the standard tone is played
  • In the case of a call in the standby mode, the standard tone is played
  • Providing services in roaming is not guaranteed
  • The service is not provided when the call is redirected to another phone


0 800 20 2222
Free from fixed and mobile numbers within Ukraine
from lifecell numbers

Choose type of your business

Up to 150 employees


More than 150 employees