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lifecell mobile internet consumption leaders during quarantine 08 May 2020

In April, the operator has deployed 4G in 30 settlements. Today, the fourth generation connection from lifecell is available in 11 567 thousand settlements of the country, where more than 30 million 482 thousand Ukrainians live.

With the deployment of the 4G network, Ukrainians consume more and more data traffic. So, in April 2018, a lifecell subscriber who uses mobile Internet consumed 3.6 GB of traffic on average; in April 2019, this figure was 6.5 GB; and this year it is 10.4 GB consumption for one data user in April.

During quarantine, when Ukrainians stay at home, residents of small towns use mobile Internet much more than residents of cities with over one million population. For example, in Shandrovka village, Dnipropetrovsk region with a population of 687 people, one data user consumed 44 GB on average last month. And among large cities, Lviv became the leader with 11.6 GB. Residents of the capital consumed 8.9 GB on average. It happens because often in remote villages and small towns, mobile Internet is a complete substitute for home fixed Internet.

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