Life in lifecell

lifecell for equal rights and opportunities

The company uses two languages in everyday business communication - Ukrainian and English - in order to provide employees (both citizens of Ukraine and foreigners) with timely and detailed information.

All lifecell employees are entitled to participate in the internal incentive programs and events regardless of their position, age, sex, and nationality.

lifecell supports effective and open intercourse in its internal communications. In order to meet the high standards of modern business communication, one should pay attention to the informal communication of all employees, encourage their cooperation and mutual help.

Corporate television SMILE TV

lifecell's internal television is a unique mean of communication for Ukrainian business environment.

SMILE TV, which everyone can watch in all lifecell offices within Ukraine, broadcasts company and market news, provides useful and necessary information in two languages.

Online - broadcasts of lifecell TIME

lifecell leaders are always open to the dialogue with the employees. That is why the company has regular quarterly lifecell time meeting with the CEO to discuss different high-priority issues, news and results of the company. The Head Office employees are able to participate in the meeting, while regional staff can watch live broadcast in regional offices. Moreover, there is a special web-page "Ask Your CEO" on lifecell internal corporate portal, where every employee has an opportunity to ask the CEO any work-related questions. 

Idea Lab

The program was created to attract ideas from employees about:

  • creating new products and services;
  • improving customer service and relations with them;
  • providing more efficient business activities, using premises, power, consumable materials and other resources of the company.

Since the program launch, more than 250 ideas have been sent, and some of them have been already implemented.

lifecell encourages its employees to be socially responsible - "lifecell Volunteers"

The company is always glad to support individual charitable initiatives by its employees and different social projects that are getting more and more interesting with each year. In order to combine all the charitable initiatives of employees and unlock their potential in corporate volunteering, lifecell established a separate long-term program, called "lifecell Volunteers".

Since its launch in December, 2011, the "lifecell Volunteers" has involved about 50% of employees in various charitable initiatives. At the same time, only in 2012 over 10 charitable initiatives took place in the company. From 2009, every year there are also big beneficent events: charitable fairs of hand-made products and cookies, baked by employees of the company. The collected money is spent for charity.

It should be noted that only in 2012 lifecell Volunteers collected UAH 44,379, which were used to provide immediate needs of kids from sponsored boarding schools "Horobynka" (Hrebinky village, Kyiv region) and Lavriv (Lavriv village, Lviv region). In addition, lifecell Volunteers regularly collect and transfer clothes and shoes, educational literature and fiction, and carry out artistic and educational workshops and brain games in orphanages, help with repairing and provision of necessary facilities on the territory of the boarding schools.

Sport in lifecell

lifecell encourages its employees to participate in sports actively and organizes several corporate sports events or joins charitable marathons, relays, sports tournaments and competitions.

In particular, every year lifecell employees participate in Charity Chestnut Run and Independence Relay. Over 250 lifecell employees from all over Ukraine took part in sports competitions. The company is also proud of its corporate football and basketball teams.

lifecell makes Fridays happy

In 2010 the company launched a new corporate tradition, called Happy Friday. Every Friday employees have the opportunity to spend an evening together, involved into some exciting activity while communicating with each other. That can be a mutual movie watching at Happy Friday Movie, interesting tips at Happy Friday Tips, participation in the survey with great gifts at Happy Friday Survey or monthly staff meetings at Happy Friday Party. Cheerful and pleasant communication is possible at work too, it brings the people together and adds positive emotions to life.


From 2007 Astelit invites all employees to participate in the project - DREAM TEAM. It aims at overall development of staff, encouraging employees to lead an active social life, acquaintanceship and communication.

DREAM TEAM has six areas: leisure, Kids Club, photo club, Mafia club, active and social life.

Leisure is equally necessary for success as a job is. Leisure is an opportunity to make your dreams come true, to discover creative abilities, to travel and communicate on exciting topics with friends and colleagues. The company's employees initiate tours, travels, visits to concerts, theaters, cinemas together, and invite their friends to participate.

Kids Club is "a playground" for all employees of lifecell, who have already got acquainted with parents' role or are looking for information about that. This is a great place, where moms and dads, working in lifecell, can share their experience, get useful advices and even make their children known to the whole company! A big variety of children's activities are organized in Kids Club.

Photo club is an open workshop for real professionals and all lifecell employees, interested in photography. Here photographers share their secrets, experience and skills.

Mafia club was created by fans of this popular game. They have the opportunity to meet in the conference hall of the Head Office once a week after work and have fun, while personating the characters of the game.

An active life is presented with employees' involvement into favorite sports. Club members participate in ski trips, initiate marathons, championships or cycling on picturesque routes in the company of trusted friends and colleagues.

Social life means everything that helps a person to feel like a real Human. Everything that makes you feel not only as a part of society, but as the one who creates and changes it. To live an active social life means giving a helping hand to all those who really need this. Company employees organize visits to orphanages, animal shelters, homes for elderly people, participate in environmental projects and activities that promote healthy lifestyle.

For convenience of communication, there is a separate page for DREAM TEAM project on the corporate portal. So any employee of the company can initiate a particular discussion or event and invite all his/her friends without leaving his/her workplace.

In 2012, over 20 events were conducted within DREAM TEAM. And over 500 lifecell employees, as well as their friends and family members from all regions of Ukraine have attended them.


Following the UN Global Compact provisions, lifecell encourages its staff to do its best to preserve natural resources and make efforts for environmental global improvements.

In all kinds of its daily activities lifecell tries to adhere to the standards of the "green office". By virtue of such actions, we reduce the negative influence on the environment and create a better world for future generations. lifecell supports such efforts very much, aiming at environmental improvements and always finds new ways to preserve resources and to recycle used materials.

Green office activities for us are the following:

  • safe and motivated use of office resources;
  • safe use of environmentally harmful materials and equipment;
  • saving resources (energy, water, paper);
  • developing a culture of recycling out-dated materials;
  • reducing impact on environment.

lifecell Head and regional offices are referred to as "A"-offices in terms of energy savings. The company complies with national standards for environmental protection; we have all certificates, which indicate that all our materials and equipment meet the standards of environmental safety and health.

lifecell is a supporter of electronic signatures implementation, in order to simplify all procedures that require customer signatures. This simplifies the lifecell services ordering significantly, such as payments, SIM-card replacement  procedures, amendments to the contracts and documents exchange between an operator and a customer. It would also help preserve resources and improve efficiency.

lifecell tries to keep all the documents in an electronic form; we conduct trainings for staff on use of electronic documents and presentations. This lets us save not only paper, but also the time.

Video conferences, used for trainings and strategic meetings, provide maximal decrease of business trips and, consequently, reduction of harmful emissions to the atmosphere. The company policies, requiring moderate use of company vehicles, also contribute into mitigation of carbon dioxide emissions.


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